God gave us an imagination, and we can use it to empower us, transform us, equip us to be all we are called to be, and to confidently walk in the fullness of his love. Imagination is powerful. It is the first step to doing imagination is the ability to see with the mind what you can’t see with your eyes. You may not realize it, but we use our imagination every day. If you were to think about how many rooms were in your house as a child. What would happen is your mind’s eye would recreate and walk you thru each room. That’s your imagination.
Faith and imagination work hand in hand. Hebrew 11:1 faith is the confidence of things hoped for and the assurance of things not seen.

Faith is powerful, but it doesn’t work alone. Before you can have faith, you must begin with hope. Our hope is built on the word of God and what he says.
Faith gives substance to what we hoped for. Our imagination breaths life into what we hoped for as we paint a picture of it with our imagination

Developing a Godly imagination is essential to growing in our faith and in God’s will for our lives.
Romans 12:2 says it this way Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable will of God.
We renew our minds and feed our imagination with the word of God. However, just reading the word of God is not enough to see it work in your life. You can’t just read it and expect it to bring about a change.

We are taught to meditate on it and speak it out and pray for the holy spirit to bring us understanding. However, there is another component that is powerful to use your imagination that unfolds as you paint a picture of the word of God and his promises. See it with your imagination.

For instance (Philippians 4:13), I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You have to see yourself strong, pressing through fearless, filled with courage. You can declare this scripture and then go a step further and picture yourself strong, fearless, and filled with faith. Use your imagination

Worry is a negative way of using your imagination. Think about it when you worry, you have a mental picture of all that could go wrong, filling you with fear and dread and anxiety about what could happen. However, we need to say no to that picture and instead picture what the word of God says.

In this season in my life there is a whole slew of things I could worry about my Jim’s health and what tomorrow will bring. I must admit there have been times when I have given in to that worry And allowed my imagination to follow the path of the “What ifs” where I allowed my imagination to have a storyline of what could go wrong And as I filled my mind with those pictures my emotions were filled with fear and hopelessness was biting at my heels as I allowed my imagination to live in this negative way But by the grace of God I have been able to recognize it and say no to these vain imaginations and turn my attention to God And know that all things are possible with God And I declared Psalm 30:2 over Jim.

“Lord, I called to you for help, and you healed Jim,” and I take that word that promise, and I awaken my imagination to the word of God and picture it!! And I picture Jim healed and whole.
As I picture this, I confidently speak 2 Peter 24 over Jim … “By his stripes, we were healed” I declare this in the name of Jesus, who not only bought our salvation at the cross but also Divine health is our birthright in Christ Jesus.

I take Psalm 91:16, and I declare, “with long life will I satisfy Jim and show him my salvation,” and I paint that mental picture by using my imagination to see Jim living a long, fruitful life. And as I meditate and imagine God word coming to life in my and Jim’s life, faith rises up. Remember, faith and imagination work hand in hand.

Hebrew 11:1 faith is the confidence of things hoped for and the assurance of things not seen.

Hope rises up as we awaken our imagination as we picture God’s word coming to life in our lives. We need to remember A Godly imagination is a powerful tool we can use to grow in our faith.
As we use our imagination, we see things thru the magnifying lens of God’s word!!