Growth Track

Growth Track is a powerful class where you can grow in your walk with God, learn more about ENCNJ, and discover how to get connected with others and your purpose! It is now available online and on-demand! Click here (or the below image) to get started! We will periodically hold in-person Growth Track sessions – stay tuned to for announcements!

The Every Nation NJ Growth Track introduces you to the nature and purpose of God and how you fit into His plan. Growth Track is made up of four steps that will equip you to know God, grow together with others, discover your God-given purpose, and make a difference. You were created for these four purposes and will continue to grow in them for the rest of your life.

stepONE: Know God
Discover the reason for which you were created: to know God. Lay a solid foundation upon which to build your relationship with God and learn the principles and practices that will help you to cultivate a fruitful and growing relationship with God for the rest of your life.

stepTWO: Grow Together
Get to know Every Nation NJ, and learn how to grow together with others as a
part of our church. Discover the joy and strength of getting connected with others in community.

stepTHREE: Discover Purpose
Discover your personality and gifts and see how they indicate your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. Understanding how God made you will not only clarify your purpose, it will also position you to be a blessing to others.

stepFOURMake A Difference
Connect to the opportunities available through Every Nation NJ to live out your purpose and serve others by using your gifts. Discover how you can make an eternal difference in the world around you.