John 13:34-36 A new command I give you: Love one another as I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, everyone will know you are My disciples if you love one another.

Jesus was very clear in His teaching; He said the world will know us by the way we relate to one another… by our love. And He said the way I have loved you, you must love one another.

Just before Jesus said these words, He had shown love to them by washing their feet and told them they, in return, should do that for one another. We are to imitate Jesus’s humility and selfless love for others, even for one who may have betrayed us. Because Jesus washed Judas’s feet, knowing he would betray Him.

It’s this kind of love that separates us from the world. This is the kind of example Jesus is calling us to live, so others will see we are His disciples.

I really enjoyed the movie “Jesus Revolution.” When all the hippies were coming into a very conservative church some of the members were complaining about this. One of their complaints was that many were barefoot. I loved what the Pastor did. He waited at the door, and he washed their feet as they entered. A powerful example of Jesus’s teaching that we would be known by our love.

When we are tempted to judge others, remember this powerful example.

Jesus’s focus was always on others and inviting us to follow Him and that example at all times.

During times of crisis in our lives, when we are going through a storm, it is tempting for us to withdraw and think about our own needs. When we do that, the focus remains on the storm. But our compassion for others will silence the storm.

This is a time when we can all the more pursue love for others. Instead of reacting to the storm raging around us, our focus is on others and their needs, and as we do, God will meet our needs and fill us with His love that we, in turn, can release to others.

Remember Jesus’s words as you start your day that you would pray and ask God that this would be your focus.

Lord, show me how I can show Your love to others.