by Pastor Brett Fuller

When God made the heavens and the earth, He did it in periods called “days”. Each day was summarized by God expressing His pleasure over what He created… each day but one. “Day two” stands distinct as the only day about which no qualitative evaluation is mentioned.

Day two is the day when God separated the waters from above, from the waters below and created an expanse we now call earth’s “atmosphere”. Though the separation of things once joined allowed for life as we know it to thrive, could it be that God’s deafening silence at the conclusion of this day says more about the concept of “separation” than the necessary room made for life to exist? Meaning, that when something designed to be together experiences a separation, there is rarely something good God has to say about it.

Is there a relationship which needs to be mended? A fractured soul which needs to be made whole? A friend who is separated from God by sin? At the end of the day, let us address these needs in such a way as to be able to hear God convey His pleasure by saying, “Well done…” Live right, live well.