As we remain shut in, quarantined during this COVID-19 pandemic, the walls can begin to close in us. If it’s not the walls of being trapped at home, the walls of uncertainty and fear can come crashing in. Questions like: How will I pay my bills?, What about my job? All these can leave you feeling trapped. Like there is no way out. Nothing new for God’s people. In the book of Exodus we read of God’s glorious deliverance of His people out of Egypt. It was, however, short-lived. We learn an enraged Pharoah and his massive army were in pursuit of God’s people. The euphoria of deliverance quickly changed to panic and fear as Moses and the Israelites realized they were trapped, the Red Sea before them and an enraged army behind them- trapped and the walls were quickly and literally closing in. NO WAY OUT. Enter the “WAYMAKER”. The one who specializes in making a way where there is no way. God splits the Red Sea, his people go through on dry ground and as the Egyptians attempt to pursue, the Sea collapses in on them. God makes a way when there is no way. 

In Eugene Peterson’s “The Message” version of the Bible I came across something I had never seen before. In Numbers 4 it is describing the Tabernacle (portable church) Israel carried throughout the wilderness:

“When the camp is ready to set out, Aaron and his sons are to go in and take down the covering curtain and cover the Chest of The Testimony with it. Then they are to cover this with a dolphin skin, spread a solid blue cloth on top, and insert the poles. “Then they are to spread a blue cloth on the Table of the Presence and set the Table with plates, incense dishes, bowls, and jugs for drink offerings. The bread that is always there stays on the Table. They are to cover these with a scarlet cloth, and on top of that spread the dolphin skin, and insert the poles. “They are to use a blue cloth to cover the light-giving Lampstand and the lamps, snuffers, trays, and the oil jars that go with it. Then they are to wrap it all in a covering of dolphin skin and place it on a carrying frame. “They are to spread a blue cloth over the Gold Altar and cover it with dolphin skins and place it on a carrying frame. “They are to take all the articles used in ministering in the Sanctuary, wrap them in a blue cloth, cover them with dolphin skins, and place them on a carrying frame. “They are to remove the ashes from the Altar and spread a purple cloth over it. They are to place on it all the articles used in ministering at the Altar – firepans, forks, shovels, bowls; everything used at the Altar – place them on the Altar, cover it with the dolphin skins, and insert the poles.” Numbers 4:5-14 MSG

Anyone else by shocked by the use of “dolphin skins”? Come to find out there are several species of dolphins found in the Red Sea. Could it be as the WAYMAKER split the Sea and dolphins were trapped on the dry ground? That God had Israel use the skins for the Tabernacle as great protection from the elements but also as a physical reminder: when their backs were against the wall and there seemed to be no escape- GOD made a way. HE is the WAYMAKER. And He will make a way for you and me through this! Standing in faith and believing with you.

Much love